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Thanks to all who nominated and voted, as well as to the wonderful authors who allowed their stories to be voted on.

A huge thank you to liljemsey for making the award banners. They’re beautiful and I so appreciate your help!

All category winners were determined by popular vote and where ties occurred, each story is recognized.

And now... the winners!
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In case anyone is curious about the nomination breakdown...

Overall, 45 stories were nominated. Five were excluded because their categories did not receive enough nominations to open. I was unable to reach the authors of 3 stories and these will not be included in the voting. One story was ineligible for nomination. Two authors had more than one of their stories nominated for the same category and so the extra stories were not included--a total of 3 fics. We have a final total of 33 stories up for your reading/voting pleasure. Thanks to everyone who nominated for your help and participation!

This year is dramatically smaller than last year, which I expected. I had to collapse a lot of our categories down just to get enough in each to open the awards. In future, I think I'll be spacing this out to a biennial event. Comments and suggestions are welcome, of course.

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It's time to vote!

As you're voting for your favorite stories, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Authors cannot vote for themselves. You may vote in a category you are nominated to only if you are choosing to vote for someone else.

  2. Please try to vote in all categories. You must vote in at least half (5) of the categories for your vote to count. This is to avoid people coming and voting for a specific story.

  3. Please read each story in a category before you make your judgment. If you cannot fairly evaluate each story, please do not vote in that category.

  4. Anonymous votes will not be counted.

  5. Each person may only vote once for each category.

If you don't have a livejournal account, you can still participate! Please read the info here.

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Nominations are now open!

Nominations are open for all categories! Please take a moment to review the rules and information on nominations before you get started. Any nominations that don't fit the categories will be discarded.

*Just a reminder, you do not have to have livejournal to participate. You can nominate on the this thread by leaving an anonymous comment that includes your contact information. You can also send me nominations directly via email (chosen2ffawards@gmail.com) or buffynfaith.net
message (username: findhope).*

Nominations will run from now through October 16, 2011. The number of nominations to date are next to each category.

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Major thanks to:

  • The three fabulous volunteers who helped me comb through the nominations and let me bounce ideas about the awards off them. You were incredibly helpful and I appreciate you so much!

  • Liljemsey, who made almost every award banner and did an amazing job. Thank you so much for your patience and your time!

  • Aegnation, who made a beautiful banner to advertise the awards. Thank you!

  • All the authors who allowed their stories to be voted on and those of you who voted for your favorite stories!

All category winners were determined by popular vote and where ties occurred, the stories are both recognized.

And now... the winners!Collapse )
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