Alice in Wonderbra (aliceinwondrbra) wrote in fuffyfanawards,
Alice in Wonderbra

Voting will open shortly--please check out the guidelines!

Voting is about to begin for the Chosen Two FanfictionAwards!

Overall, 94 stories were nominated. Four were excluded because their categories did not receive enough nominations to open. I was unable to reach the authors of 10 stories and these will not be included in the voting. Two stories were ineligible for nomination. One author declined the nomination. One author had two stories nominated for the same category and the second story could not be included. We have a final total of 76 stories up for your reading/voting pleasure, which is awesome and I thank you all so much for participating!

Posts will be going up shortly with the nominated stories. Before you vote, please take a moment to review the rules. If you do not follow these guidelines, your vote will not be counted.
  1. Authors cannot vote for themselves. You may vote in a category you are nominated to only if you are choosing to vote for someone else.
  2. Please try to vote in all categories. You must vote in at least half (10) of the categories for your vote to count. This is to avoid people coming and voting for a specific story.
  3. Please read each story in a category before you make your judgment. If you cannot fairly evaluate each story, please do not vote in that category.
  4. Anonymous votes will not be counted. Please use one of the methods listed below to vote.
  5. Each person may only vote once for each category.
  1. If you are a logged in livejournal member, vote in the comments section of each voting page. Comments will be screened so no one will see your votes except me.
  2. If you do not have an LJ account, you can still leave a comment to the voting post with your votes. This must be signed with your email address or username. Comments will be screened so no one will see your votes except me.
  3. Send me your votes via email at
  4. Send me your votes via private message. My username is findhope.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here. Comments are not screened.

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