September 20th, 2010

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Rules and Information

Welcome to the first ever Chosen Two Fanfiction Awards!

Important Dates:
Nominations: September 20th - November 13th
Voting: November 21st - January 8th
Award Announcements: January 15th (tentatively!)

Please take a moment to review the rules and information behind the cut and then get started on your nominations!


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Judges wanted

Update! There has been a great response on volunteers to help with this. At this time, I don't need anymore judges. We do, however, need nominations! *wink, wink*

We need judges who would be willing to read nominated fics to ensure they meet the category requirements and are reasonably well edited (for grammar and spelling).

We may end up doing a judge's choice award which all judges will vote on as well. Please comment below (comments are screened) if you would be interested in helping with this! I will not announce who the judges are, so no worries about harassment. :)

If you'd like to help, please copy the info from the text box and reply in the comments.

Email address:

Categories you would be open to judging:

Would you be interested in doing a judge's choice award?

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