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Major thanks to:

  • The three fabulous volunteers who helped me comb through the nominations and let me bounce ideas about the awards off them. You were incredibly helpful and I appreciate you so much!

  • Liljemsey, who made almost every award banner and did an amazing job. Thank you so much for your patience and your time!

  • Aegnation, who made a beautiful banner to advertise the awards. Thank you!

  • All the authors who allowed their stories to be voted on and those of you who voted for your favorite stories!

All category winners were determined by popular vote and where ties occurred, the stories are both recognized.

And now... the winners!
Best Non-Fuffy Fic by a Fuffy Writer

The Tara Maclay Memorial Award

Best Unfinished Fic

Best Episode Re-Write

The Anointed One Award

Best Series
Best Characterization: Supporting Character

Best Characterization: Faith Lehane

Best Characterization: Buffy Summers

Best Comedy

The Hands in New Places Award

Best Drama

Best Romance

Best Angst:

Best Stand Alone:

The Principal Bob Flutie Memorial Award:

The Cleveland Hellmouth Award:

Story of the Year:

Best New Author:

Best Author:

Judge's Choice:

(Apologies for the judge's choice award banners, those were made by me...)
And that's it! Thanks again to everyone who participated in the awards! All the stories nominated were wonderful. You can check out the rest of the nominees here and here.

Please feel free to leave some feedback in the comments about things you would like to see in future awards, what you think worked, what you think didn't... You can also email me at if that's easier.
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