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Rules and Information for the 2011 Awards

Welcome to the second annual Chosen Two Fanfiction Awards!

Important Dates:
Nominations: September 3rd - October 16th
Voting: October 29th - December 11th
Award Announcements: December 18th (tentatively!)

Please take a moment to review the rules and information behind the cut and then get started on your nominations!

  1. The Chosen Two Fanfiction Awards are for fanfiction about the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel that features the pairing of Buffy/Faith. Real person fiction (RPF) is not accepted.
  2. All nominated fics must be available for public viewing. We cannot accept links to private or friend locked livejournals, sites that require membership to read, or fics posted on yahoo lists. If a fic needs to be hosted, check out
  3. Nominated stories must be the sole work of the author(s) listed. Any story suspicious for plagiarism will not be accepted. The moderator(s) reserve the right to decline a nomination if the story does not adhere to the rules or category description or if it does not meet basic grammatical standards.
  4. Except where explicity stated, all nominated stories must be complete. Please do not nominate any stories still in progress.
  5. Crossover stories are not accepted.
  6. Stories can be of any length; however fics with less than 1,000 words can only be nominated to the ficlet/drabble category.
  7. Stories must have been completed within the last year to be eligible. Stories completed before September 03, 2010 are not eligible, unless otherwise specified.

  1. You do not need to have a livejournal account to participate! You can nominate on the livejournal thread by logging in or by leaving an anonymous comment that includes your contact information. You can also send me nominations directly via email ( or message (username: findhope).
  2. Each category can have up to ten nominations. The ten will be chosen based on amount of nominations per story. If there is a tie (i.e.: three stories nominated once each), the ‘first come, first serve’ rule will apply.
  3. Each category must have at least three stories nominated in order for it to be presented for voting.
  4. Stories by the moderator(s) and/or judges can be nominated. If a story by a moderator or judge becomes an official nominee for a category, s/he will not be eligible to vote in that category.
  5. You can nominate more than one story for the same category. You may also nominate a story for several different categories. 
  6. An author can only be nominated once per category. If an author has two stories nominated for a category, the author will choose which story they would like to be put for voting.
  7. An author can be nominated in up to 50% (currently 12) of the total number of categories. If anyone is nominated in more than that, nominations will be chosen in order of submission for nomination.
  8. A story can only be nominated in up to five categories. If any story is nominated for more than that, nominations will be chosen in order of submission for nomination.
  9. After the nomination period is complete, authors will be contacted to accept the nomination. If an author does not accept, nomination will be extended to the author of the fic with the next highest amount of nominations. Please include the author’s email with your nomination whenever possible to help us contact them. All nominations must have some sort of contact information or they will not be accepted.

  1. Valid contact information for the nominator is not provided. We cannot accept anonymous nominations.
  2. Valid contact information for the author is not provided.
  3. It contains a multitude of grammatical and/or spelling mistakes, such that the judges feel it should not be a nominee.
  4. It cannot be accessed because the livejournal is locked or it is hosted on a domain which requires membership for viewing.
  5. It does not meet the description for the category.
  6. The author declines the nomination.

  1. Authors cannot vote for themselves.
  2. In order to vote, you need to either: vote in the livejournal thread as a logged in user or contact me directly via email or message. Anonymous votes will not be counted. This is to ensure fair voting. Each person may only vote once.
  3. Please try to vote in all categories. You must vote in at least half (12) the categories for your vote to count. This is to avoid people coming and voting for a specific story. Please read each story in a category before you make your judgement.
  4. Award banners will be given for first, second, and third place stories in each fic category (please note this is up for discussion and may change to a winner/runner up format after all nominations are submitted). Author awards will be give only to the person coming in first in those categories.
  5. If a tie results, both stories will share the award for that category.

Lastly, I reserve the right to tweak or update these rules as time goes on! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here (comments are screened) or to email me at
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