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It's time to vote!

As you're voting for your favorite stories, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. Authors cannot vote for themselves. You may vote in a category you are nominated to only if you are choosing to vote for someone else.

  2. Please try to vote in all categories. You must vote in at least half (5) of the categories for your vote to count. This is to avoid people coming and voting for a specific story.

  3. Please read each story in a category before you make your judgment. If you cannot fairly evaluate each story, please do not vote in that category.

  4. Anonymous votes will not be counted.

  5. Each person may only vote once for each category.

If you don't have a livejournal account, you can still participate! Please read the info here.

Best Author

  1. Bobbi

  2. bkitty

  3. Valyssia

  4. invalid_reality

  5. aliceinwondrbra

  6. Electra

  7. DushkuHasDibs

Best Characterization: Buffy Summers

  1. Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do//bkitty

  2. Legacy//DushkuHasDibs

  3. Prelude to a Wish//Spiletta42

  4. Sleight of Hand//Electra

  5. Crimes//Valyssia

  6. Sparks//aliceinwondrbra

Best Characterization: Faith Lehane

  1. Crimes//Valyssia

  2. The Love Boat//Bobbi

  3. A Thief in the Night//Dafmeister

  4. Intervention//aliceinwondrbra

  5. Legacy//DushkuHasDibs

  6. Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do//bkitty

Best Unfinished Fic

  1. So Damn Domestic//Salix

  2. Slayer’s Honor//Frass

  3. Not My Generation//Micktrex

  4. Guilty Secret//Really-an-angel

  5. The Meaning of Dreams//Hayley

  6. Thanksgiving Wish//Rebelrsr

  7. So Far To Go//You Don't But Thanks Anyway

The Anointed One Award For tiny fics that pack a punch (Best drabble/ficlet from 1-999 words)

  1. Still Life//snowpuppies

  2. The Weirdest Perfect Gift//babydykecate

  3. Mutually Assured//Brutti ma buoni

Best Fluff (Comedy/Romance/Fluff)

  1. A Thief In The Night//Dafmeister

  2. Murmur//Electra

  3. Twinkie, Twinkie Little Star//bkitty

  4. Such As We Are Made Of, Such We Be//Dylan

  5. Snapshots//Hayley

  6. The Love Boat//Bobbi

The Hands in New Places Award for the best NC-17 fic

  1. The Love Boat//Bobbi

  2. The Right Move//Dylan

  3. Seal It With a Kiss//lizardmm

Best Drama/Angst

  1. Future Proof//Dylan

  2. Apocalyptic Splendor//YourFairyGodfather

  3. Crimes//Valyssia

  4. Sleight of Hand//Electra

  5. First, Do No Harm//Miz Black Crow

  6. Exquisite Torture//Mollyusk

  7. Legacy//DushkuHasDibs

  8. The Return//invalid_reality

  9. Intervention//aliceinwondrbra

  10. Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do//bkitty

Best Stand Alone

  1. Somniare//aliceinwondrbra

  2. Apocalyptic Splendor//YourFairyGodfather

  3. The Right Move//Dylan

  4. Murmur//Electra

  5. Exquisite Torture//Mollyusk

Story of the Year

  1. This Side Bites//flyingdahlia

  2. Somniare//aliceinwondrbra

  3. Apocalyptic Splendor//YourFairyGodfather

  4. Legacy//DushkuHasDibs

  5. Crimes//Valyssia

  6. Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do//bkitty

  7. Prelude to a Wish//Spiletta42

  8. Sleight of Hand//Electra

  9. Crazy’s just a Choice//lizardmm

To vote, please comment to this post, choosing one story from each category as your favorite. Comments are screened so only I will see your votes.  **If you are not a livejournal member and you want to leave your vote in a comment to this post, it must be signed!**

For your copy/pasting pleasure:

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Best Faith:
Best Unfinished:
The Anointed One Award:
Best Fluff:
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Best Drama/Angst:
Best Stand Alone:
Story of the Year:
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