Alice in Wonderbra (aliceinwondrbra) wrote in fuffyfanawards,
Alice in Wonderbra

In case anyone is curious about the nomination breakdown...

Overall, 45 stories were nominated. Five were excluded because their categories did not receive enough nominations to open. I was unable to reach the authors of 3 stories and these will not be included in the voting. One story was ineligible for nomination. Two authors had more than one of their stories nominated for the same category and so the extra stories were not included--a total of 3 fics. We have a final total of 33 stories up for your reading/voting pleasure. Thanks to everyone who nominated for your help and participation!

This year is dramatically smaller than last year, which I expected. I had to collapse a lot of our categories down just to get enough in each to open the awards. In future, I think I'll be spacing this out to a biennial event. Comments and suggestions are welcome, of course.

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