Alice in Wonderbra (aliceinwondrbra) wrote in fuffyfanawards,
Alice in Wonderbra


Thanks to all who nominated and voted, as well as to the wonderful authors who allowed their stories to be voted on.

A huge thank you to liljemsey for making the award banners. They’re beautiful and I so appreciate your help!

All category winners were determined by popular vote and where ties occurred, each story is recognized.

And now... the winners!

Best Unfinished Fic

The Anointed One Award

Best Characterization: Faith Lehane

Best Characterization: Buffy Summers

Best Fluff (Comedy/Romance/Fluff)

The Hands in New Places Award

Best Drama/Angst

Best Stand Alone

Story of the Year

Best Author

And that's it! Thanks again to everyone who participated in the awards! Please feel free to leave some feedback in the comments about things you would like to see in future awards, what you think worked, what you think didn't...
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