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Nominations are now open!

Nominations are open for all categories! Please take a moment to review the rules and information on nominations before you get started. Any nominations that don't fit the categories will be discarded.

Nominations will run from now through November 13, 2010.


Number of nominations are in parentheses.

Author categories:

Best Author This is an overall award for excellence in Buffy/Faith fanfic. Any Fuffy writer is eligible for this award. (10)

Best New Author Authors nominated for this category cannot have been writing Fuffy for more than 12 months prior to the nominations period (ie: they cannot have any stories published prior to 9/20/09). (4)

Fiction categories:

Best Characterization: Buffy Summers (6)

Best Characterization: Faith Lehane (7)

Best Characterization: Supporting Character This award is for outstanding characterization for any existing Buffyverse character other than Buffy or Faith. Original characters have their own category and should not be considered here. (2)

Best Unfinished Fic Stories nominated to this category must still be ongoing (ie: updated within the last 5 months). There is another category for fic that is likely to remain unfinished. (9)

The Anointed One Award For tiny fics that pack a punch (Best drabble/ficlet from 1-999 words) (6)

The Hands in New Places Award for the best NC-17 fic (10)

Best Stand Alone (12)

Best Fluff

Best Comedy (6)

Best Angst (11)

Best Drama (11)

Best Romance (9)

The Principal Bob Flutie Memorial Award for the best fic set during the series run (7)

The Cleveland Hellmouth Award for the best post-Chosen fic (9)

Best Original Character (1)

Best Crossover Stories nominated to this category can be one-shots or chaptered. (2)

Best Alternate Universe Stories nominated to this category must have a major difference with canon. Small differences with canon such as episode re-writes, Angel not appearing in Season 3, etc do not apply here. Examples of AUs would include all human, stories where Faith is called first, etc.   (2)

Best Episode Re-Write (3)

Best Series Series must include at least three stories. (5)

The Tara Maclay Memorial Award for the best permanently unfinished fic that left us wanting more. Stories nominated to this category cannot have been updated within the past five months. (4)

Best Villain (1)

Story of the Year Since this is our first round of awards, all completed stories are eligible at this point. (6)

Best Non-Fuffy Fic by a Fuffy writer This category is for gen fic without pairings, stories which feature B/F only as a background pairing, or those which pair one or both of the slayers with other characters. (4)


To nominate a fic or an author, just copy the form below and fill the information in. Comments are being screened so your nominations will be anonymous.

Category you're nominating to:


Author's contact information (preferably email!):

Story Title (N/A if this is for an author award):

Link to story:

Any questions about nominations, please ask! Happy nominating!


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